Todd Carrison

Wing Walkers on a Real Estate Website - That’s Crazy!


Do I have your attention now? Just like the “wing walker” in the photo above is not the average person, I’m not your average real estate agent. My guess is you were expecting my website to be like every real estate website you have ever visited with the same old sayings: view my listings, I’m number one, if you’re looking to buy or sell I can help, my company is the biggest, I sell more than anyone else, and the list goes on. You can find almost any real estate website that says those same words over and over, but I decided to be different. Take a minute to read my bio and you decide if I’m the different real estate agent you have been looking to hire. Remember, not just anyone off the street can be a wing walker. It takes time and practice to have enough experience to let go of the safety harness and being a real estate agent is no different. Experience Matters!


I took the header picture at the world’s largest airshow in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I love taking photos of anything that flies and literally have thousands of aircraft photos in my portfolio. My pictures even include radio controlled aircraft. I once had a contest to see if people could see the difference between radio controlled and real aircraft. Out of the 20 different pictures where the viewer had to decide real or radio controlled, not one person was able to guess every picture correctly.


Three Basic Principals of a Successful Real Estate Agent

A Dime A Dozen. Everyone knows a real estate agent, whether it’s a friend or the friends cousins uncle whose best friends brother is an agent, real estate agents are in just about in every corner you can imagine. Having a real estate license doesn’t mean the agent has any idea what they are doing. It only took them about 30 hours of class room time and nearly $500 to get a Kansas license not to mention the average real estate agent in the United States sells less than 2 homes a year. Yep, you read it correctly; the typical real estate agent handling one of the largest financial transactions in a person’s life has less than two homes a year. EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

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Experience Matters!

Drawing pictures in the sky is much harder than it looks. It takes years of experience just to make both ends of the smoke circle match up. To get the eyes in the exact right spot takes timing, which can only be learned by practice, practice and more practice. All the hard work finally pays off when the pilot draws the final touch – it’s at that moment in time a smile is put on your face as well. 

Real estate agents are no different; without experience all you have are a bunch of misplaced dots, dashes, and circles causing you to miss out on the big picture.